Screw Gas Compressor

Oil-free Screw (Spray/Dry) Screw Compressor System

Kaishanoil-free screw compressor cavity no injection of lubricating oil, which can provide a pure, oil-free and clean gas.It is used in flammable, explosive and toxic dielectric gas. According to the working condition of medium changes (such as gas composition and pressure) and other basic features, Kaishan specialized in designing a set of sealing system to ensure the efficient, safe and reliable concept.

Kaishan Process Screw Application Area

Oil-free Screw (Spray/Dry):

Petrochemical Industry
Chemical Plant
Coal Chemical Industry,Energy industry

Gas Species:

Ethylene Styrene Blast-furnace Gas Butadiene Acid Hydrocarbon Steam Reclamation Vapor Tail Gas Destruction Producer Nitrogen Acetylene CNG Lime-kiln Gas Hydrogen CO2 Flare Gas Ethane Propylene Propane Ammonia Sour Gas Chlorine Coke Oven Gas Coal Gas CO The Exhaust Gas of Viscosity Breaking Furnace Others

The Characteristicsof Kaishan Oil-free (Spray/Dry) Screw Compressor

Applicable to all kinds of complex conditions
High reliability, low maintenance cost, simple foundation, low operating cost, low initial investment and low power consumption at the condition of no load

    KSG Series

  • Suction Pressure:-0.02~0.2 MPa(G)
  • Discharge Pressure:0.4~2.0 MPa(G)
  • Capacity:10~1069 m³/min

Less leakage from seal teeth compared with the compressor providing the same capacity——Significant noise reduction

Independent lubricating oil system——guarantee the operating safety

Variable seal design, safety ensurance

Dry gas seal

Kaishan Patent——Lift Value
Decrease the energy loss effectively


High speed, light weight, small size and small area covered.
Good dynamic balance performance, less wearing parts, simple maintenance and reliable use is conducive to the realization of automatic operation.
Be not sensitive to liquid hammer, high pressure ratio at the single stage.
Gas transmission is almost unaffected by the exhaust pressure. In a wide range of operating conditions, it can still maintain a high efficiency.

Fuel Injection Screw Compressor System

Fuel injection screw compressor system is the mainstream of the development of compressor. Kaishan fuel injection screw machine system has superior and reliable performance, small vibration, low noise, high efficiency, no wearing parts. The precision fit between the rotor and the outer shell of the body reduces the leakage of the gas flow and improves the efficiency. The unique lubrication mode simplifies the mechanical structure, increases the function of the air tight, and reduces the noise.

Fuel Injection Screw:

Petrochemical Application
Fuel Gas
Acid Gas
Dangerous Gas

Gas Species:

Nitrogen Propane Refrigerant Gas Fuel Gas Flare Gas Helium Hydrogen Hydrocarbon Mixture Propylene Coal Gas Ammonia Tetrane Methane Coke Oven Gas Sour Gas CNG Others

The Characteristicsof KaishanFuel Injection Screw

Flexible change of the volume-reduction ratio, energy saving

Automatic matching the back pressure to decrease the energy cost, efficiency lift

For user tailored orifice

    CT Series

  • Suction pressure:-0.02~0.3MPa(G)
  • Discharge pressure:2.5MPa(G)
  • Capacity:3~140m³/min

    SGY Series-Low pressure bare block

  • Suction pressure:-0.05~0.3 MPa(G)
  • Discharge pressure:0.3~0.6 MPa(G)
  • Capacity:6.2~92 m³/min

    SGY Series-Middle-high pressure bare block

  • Suction pressure:-0.05~0.2 MPa(G)
  • Discharge pressure:0.6~1.8 MPa(G)
  • Capacity:2.2~136 m³/min

    SGY Series-High pressure bare block

  • Suction pressure:-0.02~0.2 MPa(G)
  • Discharge pressure:2.4~4.0 MPa(G)
  • Capacity:20~40 m³/min

Global proprietary profile——Tang profile

Double flow value & Sliding block

Flow value——Stepless capacity regulation needs no frequency converter.
Sliding block——Adjusting the volume-reduction ratio makes the screw compressor always output best discharge pressure.


Rotors directly meshand transmit, which can get high volume efficiency.
Low noise, low vibration.
Sealing is more reliable and more secure

B Series Dry Screw Compressor System

    B Series

  • The min suction pressure:-0.05~0.5 MPa(G)
  • Discharge pressure:0.06~0.12 MPa
  • Capacity:3~252 m³/min

Gas Species:

Coal Gas CNG Anaerobic Methane CO2 SO2 or Inert Gas Others

Product Feature:

High efficiency & High stability, customized rotor sharp

Unique inlet and outlet sound attenuation design, beyond silent.

Screw Compressor System

Electric Control System

The perfect design of the electric control system is an important measure to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the compressor. Kaishan electrical control system is simple, low failure rate, convenient maintenance.

Lubricating Oil System

Kaishan lubricating oil system learns from each systom experience for many years.Under the premise ofsaftyand reliablity, Kaishancan fully meet the specific requirements of customers and site conditions.

Running Status Monitoring

According to various signals generated during the operation of equipment, data acquisition, storage, processing and analysis, customers can grasp the status ofthe equipment operation, the formation or the failure to analyze and diagnosis. Judge the location and the cause of the failure, and forecast the future technical condition of the equipment.

Noise Control

In order to increase noise processing, Kaishan optimizes rotor, soundproof room, muffler, etc. all the time. Customers will be satisfied with the "silense".


Kaishanputs the safety in the first place, in all aspects of pressure, temperature, water or oil, etc, accomplishes multiple protection.Due to the human or non-human accident,Kaishan reducesthe probability of occurrence to the lowest point.

Reciprocating Gas Compressor - LMF

LMF, a Kaishan group company, located in Austrian, with over 60 years of experience in the compressor business, is the leading manufacturer of high-pressure piston compressor systems for air, natural gas as well as technical and industrial gases (process gases) within a power range of up to 6200 kW (8000 hp) and final pressures of up to 700 bar (10150 psi).

The high-pressure piston compressor systems by LMF are developed and manufactured according to internationally applicable standards. What is more, LMF offers its clients all relevant services as a one-stop provider – from engineering to manufacturing and testing under full load, start-up and maintenance.

The modular structure of the LMF product range allows customized solutions for clients, regarding both technical and economic aspects. In addition, our careful selection of materials and outsourced items guarantees the optimal operation of our compressor systems, even under the most adverse of operating conditions.