Kaishan’s geothermal power plant in Tura Hungary officially in grid-connected operation


November 29th, Suburb of Pudapest. Kaishan’s geothermal power plant in Tura Hungary, which is Kaishan’s first geothermal power plant in Europe and the first geothermal power plant of Hungary, is officially in synchronized operation on November 29th. The power plant was designed according to European standards, and after passing rigorous inspection and acceptance procedure, has been awarded grid connection permission for the plant to send electrical power to Europe grid. 

The power plant has been built using Kaishan’s patented “One Well, One Plant” ORC screw expander power generation technology. The plant has an installed capacity of 3.35MW and at the same time can supply 5.233MW’s heat to greenhouses.

Currently Kaishan is making good progress in building other overseas geothermal power plants. With more overseas geothermal power plants put in operation one after another, Kaishan will achieve more milestones in transforming into an operator of geothermal energy and a supplier of geothermal power generation equipment.